FALL MEETING 7.12.2023

Welcome to the Espoo Riders' statutory autumn meeting
torstaina 7.12.2023 kello 18.

Espoon Talli, office, Finnsintie 6, 02780 Espoo


1§ Opening of the meeting
2§ Election of the chairman, secretary, two scrutineers, and, if necessary, two vote counters for the meeting
3§ Confirmation of the legality and quorum of the meeting
4§ Approval of the meeting's agenda
5§ Presentation of the operational plan, budget, membership fees, and remuneration for the year 2024
6§ Election of the chairman of the board for the year 2024-2025
7§ Election of the regular members, alternate members, and junior members of the board for the year 2024-2025
8§ Appointment of the auditor and deputy auditor
9§ Conclusion of the meeting

Espoo, November 20, 2023 Espoon Ratsastajat ry - Board


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